Swimming Lessons

2017 Swimming Lesson registration is going on now! Call about the remaining available spots.
Get a 2017 Swim Camp Sign-up Form here.

Swimming lessons at Green Canyon Hot Springs operate on what we call a swim camp. Our swim camps were created because of the of the distance we are from everything; instead of the lesson spanning over a series of weeks, a swim camp is completed in one week, and there are two lessons taught a day instead of just one. Since the lessons are done in a week, often people like to camp here all week. It's a great experience! It's relaxing for the parents, and the kids always have something to do. Activities can include bike riding, hiking, fishing, making new friends, swimming (of course), etc... The more the kids are in the water during the week, the more they will learn from their lessons.
We take great pride in our swimming lessons. Our swimming lesson program is based on the Red Cross swimming lesson program, and our instructors have been certified as Red Cross water safety instructors.

Things to note:

  • Our swim camps fill up quickly, so sign-up early (about a year in advance!)
  • A swim camp lasts five days (Monday to Friday) and includes 10 one-hour lessons.
  • There are two sessions each week:
    Session A: 8am-9am and 10am-11am
    Session B: 9am-10am and 11am-12pm
  • Typically a child should be a least 5 years old before entering our swimming lesson program.
  • Ear infection can become a problem over the week because ears don't get enough time to dry out between swims, so it is wise to dry out your ears after each swim during the week. We use rubbing alcohol in the ears because it disinfects and evaporates quickly, drying the ears out.
  • If you are planning on camping, sign-up for that when you sign-up for your swim camp. We offer a 40% discount on the price of camping for swimming lesson families.
  • Sign-up and deposits are required to hold your spot for the swim camp and the camping.
  • Get a 2017 Swim Camp Sign-up Form.
We hope to see you here!

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